SEO-friendly Content

Planning in details

What is SEO-friendly Content?

SEO-friendly content is essential for a website to meet up with one of the pre-requirement for starting SEO. the keyword is strictly maintained throughout the writing. Google defines some percentage of keywords that should be maintained throughout the content.

If the keywords are not used in the proper places the content will not meet up the factors of SEO. Moreover, there are few types of keyword and those also should be placed properly otherwise the content will unable to meet up the demand of SEO

An ideal content should be written for 8th-grade level readers. So, this content must be very simple and so much human-readable. Simple structured content is more flexible to read for all types of readers or visitors. So, your product should be more comprehensible to the reader.

The content structure pattern is also one of the most important strategies to catch the attention of the reader. If the paragraphs of the content are too long the reader will feel fuzzy and bore so they will skip the product description instead.

Like this, there are lots of features and strategies to make SEO-friendly content for your project which will be accepted by the factors of Google. If you can input SEO-friendly content in your projects, you can expect a higher rank in Google Search Engine.

What’s are the Qualities of SEO-friendly content?

There are lots of features of SEO friendly content but these are the most important for writing SEO Friendly content:

Use Primary Keyword.
User other types of Keyword
Use Small paragraph
Use simple language for 8th-grade reader level
Native English tone
Completely unique content
Properly used Header
Properly use focus keyword
Standard length
Placing for use of Image or Video

Choose your best package

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Content Writing
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As a marketer, you know better how important SEO-friendly content for a website. If the content is ok then the visitor can be turned into your client.

On the other hand, in spite of dealing with a quality product, if the description of the product is not comprehensible, the visitor will never visit your site again. Not only that an SEO-friendly content helps to rank the site higher on the Google search page. Learn more…

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