On Page SEO

What is On Page SEO? Why you need this for your projects?

On Page SEO means to do certain things like optimized content, Meta tags, Proper use of H1 t- H6 tags, Perfect Keyword frequency maintain, Use of inbound or out bound links, Optimized URLs, Title tags optimization etc. On Page SEO Service is one of the most important factor for the project.

On Page SEO has a great impact on ranking your projects on Google SHARP. It is also known as internal SEO. If all the internal things of your website is ok. Then your project is ready to start promoting on Google. But if the On Page Optimization of your site is not ok. You can rank the keywords of your project on Google only doing Off Page SEO. So,

Its really too important to check the thinks that a search engine demand are present in your website or not. If On Page Optimization is not done in your website, it is better not to start Off Page Optimization.

Sometimes you website might be promoted for few days or months but it will not last longer. It will automatically came down or your site might get penalty. This is why your website need On Page SEO first before Off Page SEO.

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Lots of On Page SEO requirements but these 33 are major of them-

  • Keyword Research.
  • Primary keyword for the content.
  • Primary Keyword should not be assigned to another content.
  • Choose 3-5 related Keyword for your content.
  • Make a content Plan for the Keyword.
  • Primary Keyword in Title tag.
  • Title in an H1 tag.
  • At lest 300 word in body content.
  • Original and Unique content.
  • Confirm high quality content.
  • Content for the 8th grade reader level.
  • Use Primary Keyword 2-3%
  • Use each related keyword in the body content.
  • Creat scannable content.
  • Subheadings are in an H2 tags
  • Primary Keyword in subheading.
  • Primary Keyword in first and last para of content.
  • Relevent internal link with targeted anchor text.
  • Add relevent links to high quality site.
  • Out bound links   
  • Add Image (At lest one)
  • Add Primary keyword to image  name
  • Primary Keyword in image title
  • Primary Keyword in image Alt tag.
  • Use proper image size.
  • SEO friendly URLs with primary keyword.
  • Assign relevant tag and categories in blog posts.
  • Add an optimized meta title.
  • Use optimized meta description.
  • Structured data markup for the contents.
  • UseSocial Sharing Links
  • Proofread contents (Check Grammatical errors)
  • Check your words
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