17 On-page SEO factors to improve your webstie

17 On-page SEO factors to improve your webstie

What is the On-page Ranking factor?

On-page SEO is one of the major terms of SEO. When a website is built, it is a must to build it following few ranking factors. These ranking factors are called On-page SEO factors like title optimizing, content optimizing, internal or external link optimizing, Meta description optimization, etc. If the website is built without maintaining On-page ranking factors then the website will not possible to rank on Google Search Engine. This is somewhat different from Off-page SEO factors and should be completed before doing Off-page SEO. Moreover, it is initial for Search Engine Optimization.

Actually why it’s needed?

Unlike Google, all other search engines have defined some factors that called algorithm and they rank a website based on those algorithms. So, a website builder or owner should maintain those factors or algorithms during building their website. Otherwise, the website will not get rank on search results. 

There are two major types of SEO, the first one is On-page and the second one is Off-page SEO. In On-page SEO, we have to ensure the On-page factors are present or not. It is done directly on the website. On the other hand, Off-page SEO is related to the outside of the website as well as external linking with the other terminals. There are lots of Off-page factors in SEO. I have discussed this here in detail

On-Page Ranking Factors: 

Followings are the factors that are included in On-page SEO

  1. Site Map
  2. Robot text
  3. Title Tag optimization
  4. Canonical URLs
  5. Keyword Optimization
  6. Content Optimization
  7. Silos Structure
  8. Error Page 301/401
  9. Site Performance
  10. Meta Tags/title optimization
  11. Meta Description optimization
  12. Internal link anchor text.
  13. Image Optimization
  14. Inbound link optimization
  15. Outbound link Optimization
  16. Header Tag optimization
  17. Fav-icon optimization

Importance of Maintaining Keyword in On-page SEO

As you know keyword represents the requirement of the clients or the searcher. It is very important to maintain the website. A keyword should be maintained not only in the content but also in the whole webpage too. Suppose, you have a keyword that you strictly maintain in the content but you didn’t use it in the web link, title, Meta description, then there is less possibility to rank the keyword.

So, it is clear that keywords should be placed in the proper place according to the ranking factors otherwise it will not be effective in ranking the keywords. There are lots of instructions for maintaining keywords in content, in Meta descriptions, in the Title of the page. 

The main keyword must be present at the beginning of the title, the main keyword must be present in the Mata description, the keyword must be present in at least one H1 Tag. 

Unlike Keyword, a website should have maintained all the ranking factors related to On-page SEO perfectly. Then you can expect a good position on search engines. 

Google only sees that is your site perfect for generals or not. They also notice the motive, the spam rate of your site, is it spam or not. Is your content relevant to your project types or not all these things Google considers before optimizing the site? Moreover, there are lots of Off-site ranking factors too that Google or other search engines strictly consider.

Final Word

In conclusion, it can be said that without the completeness of On-page SEO your site is not ready for Off-page SEO. So, first of all, check your website with the entire on-site ranking factors if it’s ok then moves to Off-site SEO. If you are unable to do the On-page SEO for your website, you can hire a professional or you can hire an SEO agency

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